3D Printing: A Disruptive Innovation in its infancy

October 20, 2016

3D printing, or more broadly additive manufacturing, is a technologically enabled innovation that has the potential to disrupt the manufacturing sector. By building objects layer-by-layer instead of using a mold or removing material from a larger block, 3D printing dramatically shortens the time between design and production, shifts power to designers, and creates products with radically new architectures and less waste at a fraction of the cost of traditional manufacturing. Similar to other disruptive innovations, however, 3D printing experienced a period of hype “before its time” and has gone through a period of restructuring. While 2015 was a turbulent year for 3D printing companies and their stocks, the long-term prospects are intact and profound... but not well understood.

ARK's 3D Printing White Paper...

  • Details the disruptive impact of 3D printing;
  • Presents four cases studies illustrating the benefits of 3D printing; and
  • Explains why ARK believes 3D printing is a true investment opportunity.

Download ARK's research white paper '3D Printing: A Disruptive Innovation In Its Infancy' and learn more about the opportunity ARK identifies for investors.