Deep Learning: An Artificial Intelligence Revolution

June 15, 2017

Learn why deep learning companies could create $17 trillion in market capitalization by 2036.

Deep learning—a form of artificial intelligence inspired by the human brain—is seeping into, if not sweeping across, every industry around the world. Thanks to this breakthrough, artificial intelligence (AI), computer vision, voice recognition, speech synthesis, machine translation, game playing, drug discovery, and robotics are setting game-changing performance records.

Now that software is enabling most industries, deep learning will have a profound impact on autos, robotics, drones, biotech, finance, agriculture, among many others. According to our research, companies founded on deep learning will unlock tens of trillions of dollars in productivity gains.

This paper will explore the origins of deep learning, how it works, and how it differs from machine learning. Then, it will examine important use cases, the leading companies in the space, and the algorithmic improvements likely to enter commercial products during the next five years.