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Meta's Ray-Ban Smart Glasses Could Be A Gamechanger, And More...
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Meta's Ray-Ban Smart Glasses Could Be A Gamechanger

ARK Invest_Headshot_Nick Grous_Edit 5

By Nick Grous | @GrousARK
Associate Portfolio Manager


Coordinating Technology and Specialized Labor for Complex Needs: with Francis Pedraza

Published: October 26, 2023


Why Are Traditional Automakers Struggling With Electric Vehicles?

ARK Invest_Headshot_Sam Korus_Edit 5

By Sam Korus | @skorusARK
Director of Research, Autonomous Technology & Robotics

How Valuable Could Cures For Inherited Rare Diseases Become?

ARK Invest_Headshot_Pierce Jamieson_Edit 5

By Pierce Jamieson | @PierceARK
Research Associate

Fact of the week

Based on an estimated cost-per-quality-adjusted-life-year of $100,000, our model suggests that curing all individuals with inheritable rare diseases today would create ~$17.5 trillion in value.

Source: ARK Investment Management LLC, 2023.

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