Disruptive Innovation: New Markets, New Metrics

Download ARK's white paper on Disruptive Innovation

Updated November 15, 2016


The ARK white paper New Markets New Metrics explores some of the broad thematic research areas upon which ARK Invest is focused today. These subjects fit squarely in the macro realm that portfolio managers should understand when analyzing investment opportunities. Disruptive innovations can have profound ramifications on industries, as well as the entire economy. A number of such nonlinear changes are in process today, set to increase wealth and productivity dramatically. 

  • Shared autonomous vehicles—via lower costs per mile, enhanced safety, and great convenience—will put downward pressure on annual new car sales. 

  • As artificial intelligence solves increasingly complex problems, higher returns on investment will increase adoption of automation.

  • Rapidly declining costs in DNA sequencing will change the course of health care and decrease costs in the system. 

  • Low cost and difficult to counterfeit, cryptocurrencies will become an accepted means of payment, creating upheaval in the financial intermediary market and also exerting pressure on central banks.