Why Self-Driving Cars Could Change Everything

October 25, 2017
  • ARK estimates that autonomous taxis will cost consumers $0.35 cents per mile, or roughly half of the all-in cost car owners pay to drive today.

  • Autonomous cars will likely cause a shift away from personally owned vehicles, which will depress global auto sales volumes in the coming decades.

  • ARK expects traffic to increase to almost three times today’s levels by 2030.

  • Autonomous taxis should boost US GDP by more than $2 trillion by 2035.

  • Auto accident rates should decline by 80%.

  • The autonomous mobility-as-a-service market should exceed $10 trillion in sales by the early 2030s.

  • ARK believes investors may be undervaluing the opportunity of mobility-as-a-service today severely, and that in 5 years autonomous taxi networks could have a market cap of roughly $4 trillion.